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My work focuses on how we understand, measure and support improvements in mental health and wellbeing. Within my research I combine population health sciences, social science and data science to address critical questions around mental health practice and policy.

I was awarded a Vice Chancellors Research Fellowship in 2019 from the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute (University of Bristol). My current primary area of research is university student mental health, and my secondary focus is on the opportunities/harms associated with digital technology. My PhD in the Economics of Wellbeing was awarded in 2018 ( University of Exeter).

Research: Text

Young peoples' mental health

Research: Projects

Universities notifying the emergency contacts of students experiencing serious mental health difficulties

This project focuses on university policies that allow students to nominate an emergency contact who the university can contact in the event of serious mental health concerns. This research examines the student motivations for and against opting-in, the mental health risks associated with students who do not opt-in to this support, and the policy experiences of key stakeholders (students, university staff and emergency contacts). ​

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Mental health and complex needs

Research: Projects

Living under coronavirus and injecting drugs (LUCID-B)

This study examined how the pandemic, public health measures and changes to services were experienced by people who inject drugs. Findings will be used to help service providers adapt what they are doing to support people who inject drugs, as well as inform policy for future pandemics. Elizabeth Blackwell Institute funded, and led by Dr Lindsey Hines (PI).

Project reports 

Public Health England Report

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Economics and healthcare

Research: Projects

Assessing the quality of healthcare business cases

The development of a framework of quality indicators for healthcare business cases, consolidating insight from expert guidance and current practice.

Study summary

Full paper

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