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Recent academic papers

Journal of Medical Internet Research: Mental Health

Digital Technology Use and Mental Health Consultations: Survey of the Views and Experiences of Clinicians and Young People

Journal of Medical Internet Research: Formative Research

Mental Health Practitioners’ and Young People’s Experiences of Talking About Social Media During Mental Health Consultations: Qualitative Focus Group and Interview Study

Preventive Medicine

Notifying university students' emergency contacts in mental health emergencies: Multi-year analysis of student consent policy preferences

BMC Psychiatry

“Pouring their heart out in Sainsbury’s”: qualitative study of young people’s, parents’ and mental health practitioners’ experiences of adapting to remote online mental health appointments during COVID-19

Journal of Affective Disorders Reports

Barriers to students opting-in to universities notifying emergency contacts when serious mental health concerns emerge: A UK mixed methods analysis of policy preferences

BMC Psychiatry

Developing good practice indicators to assist mental health practitioners to converse with young people about their online activities and impact on mental health: a two-panel mixed-methods Delphi study

Journal of Mental Health

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on student mental health and wellbeing in UK university students: a multiyear cross-sectional analysis

Pain Medicine

Experiences of Patient-Led Chronic Pain Peer Support Groups After Pain Management Programs: A qualitative study

Journal of Medical Internet Research

Investigating the Use of Electronic Well-being Diaries Completed Within a Psychoeducation Program for University Students: Longitudinal Text Analysis Study

International Journal of Drug Policy

Living Under Coronavirus and Injecting Drugs in Bristol (LUCID-B): A qualitative study of experiences of COVID-19 among people who inject drugs

BMJ Open

Drug Use in Street Sex worKers (DUSSK) study – results of a mixed methods feasibility study of a complex intervention to reduce illicit drug use in drug dependent female sex workers

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