Research overview

My research focuses on how we understand, measure and support improvements in mental health and wellbeing. I am based between Bristol Medical School and the School of Education, both within The University of Bristol. I have been awarded fellowships by the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute, Brigstow Institute and Bristol+Bath Creative R&D. Within my research I combine population health sciences, social science and data science to address critical questions around mental health practice and policy. My Vice Chancellors Fellowship specifically relates to addressing mental health challenges experienced by young people, and universities as a critical setting for additional provision.

Image by Marvin Meyer

Key research topics:

  • University student mental health (trends, challenges and policy)

  • Harms and opportunities around digital technology for young peoples' mental health

  • Anxiety and responses to the climate crisis among young people

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Image by Nick Bolton

Key research topics:

  • Drug use during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Homelessness and complex needs

  • Sex work and trauma treatment

  • Suicide and self-harm in response to financial hardship

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Key research topics:

  • Measuring wellbeing and quality of life in healthcare settings

  • Understanding the quality of business cases in the NHS

  • Impact of policy changes on NHS spending 

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