Engagement and Impact

Selected list of public talks, advisory work and initiatives I have supported. Do get in contact if you'd like to talk about events or consultancy work.


Academic/Expert guidance


Role: Psychologist / Scientific consultant

6-part docu-series for Channel 4. 24 Brits leave their 21st-century lives behind to spend an extraordinary summer cut off from the modern world on a remote Devon farmstead, and live by the principles of the Amish community.

Public engagement, podcasts and talks


Who We Are: Celebrating QTIBPOC* (2022)

An evening of creative performance, art appreciation, open discussion with; Harold Offeh (Visual artist/performer), Sunil Gupta (Photographer/activist), Mena Fombo (Speaker/film director) and Malaika Kegode (poet/performer). 
*QTIBPOC (Queer, Trans, Intersex, Black People & People of Colour)