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Current projects

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Student mental health and engaging emergency contacts

'Consent to contact' allows students to nominate an emergency contact who the university can contact in the event of serious mental health concerns. This research examines how the ‘opt-in’ policy has been used and understood, and experienced by key stakeholders (students, university staff and emergency contacts). 

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Science of Happiness psychoeducation course

Investigating the use of electronic wellbeing diaries completed within a psychoeducation programme for university students developed by Prof. Bruce Hood (University of Bristol School of Psychological Science).

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COVID-19 student mental health survey

This research investigates student education and wellbeing experiences at the University of Bristol shaped by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the move to remote learning and support. 

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Previous mental health and wellbeing projects

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Multiagency partnership supporting street sex workers: Complex intervention

Examining the experiences, acceptability and cost of a combined specialist post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and drug treatment intervention for female sex workers.

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Psychosocial support for people in acute distress because of financial difficulties

Determining the feasibility, acceptability and costs associated with the “HOPE” service for people presenting to hospital emergency departments following self-harm or in acute distress because of financial, employment, or welfare (benefit) difficulties.

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Review into measures of self-reported wellbeing

Systematic identification of 99 questionnaire tools used to measure the well-being of adults in the general population, developed between 1994 and 2014. 

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Previous economic projects

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Assessing the quality of healthcare business cases

The development of a framework of quality indicators for healthcare business cases, consolidating insight from expert guidance and current practice.

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Measuring capability wellbeing in healthy adults and patients in Germany

Examining the validity and reliability of the ICECAP-A tool in healthy adults and patients. Comparison between the original English language tool in the UK to the German translation in Germany.

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Healthy Loaf of Bread

Access to NHS funded provisions of gluten-free foods in England for coeliac patients 

Examining the impact of policy changes limiting the prescription of gluten-free foods in England to NHS patients.

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